Sunday, January 15, 2012

Samplers? Try either the Art Needlework Department on the Fifth Floor or Home Accessories on the 7th

If someone were to ask me what my decorating style is, I'd be hard pressed to really describe it to them, especially in ten words or less.  I like the looks of some shabby chic items, stay totally away from anything modern, and would probably shoot myself if I constantly had to look in a mirror that was surrounded by sea shells!   Now if those items float your boat, I say a hardy "yippee!"  I'm all about surrounding ourselves with the things that bring a smile to our face!  If I have to clean that toilet, please let me be surrounded by pretty nic nacs while I'm doing it!  The easiest way I could get you to understand the things that I like would  be to show you ANY copy of a Country Sampler magazine because that pretty much sums it up!  

I'd probably also show you recent posts from any of my "country" blogs that I follow.

The Sampler Girl is one of my favorites, 

along with Primitive Bettys.

I visit AND revisit these  two blogs often!   Apart from drooling over the stitching projects these ladies are constantly featuring, I can't wait to scan through all the FREE charts that they offer all the time to their readers.  

THAT'S what I've been doing this weekend... finishing up a couple LONG AGO started stitching projects.  I love them for several reasons.  I can work on them while watching a movie with Husband and still feel like I'm giving him and the movie my full attention, not to mention they are easily taken up and put back down at a moment's notice when Sawyer needs to show MiMi  something!   But mostly I love the possibilities offered in each project.   These little beauties can be put anywhere -- in any kind of form!  I can wade through piles of discarded frames at Good Will looking for the perfect one to house the finished stitching, or I can wander through aisles of fabric looking for the perfect piece use to turn my completed project into another pin keep!

   I've even seen them "glued" on one of those rounded paper mache hat boxes -- and it was really cute!  

The stitching I just finished up is this -- titled "BOO Jack" on Primitive Betty's blog.   

It's one of three that I think I will turn into pin keeps using the homespun you see in the background.  And you don't have to say it!  I know -- another fall project!  Really?  But don't I get points for actually finishing up something from the stash?  

You simply must scoot over there and check out her blog!   (And don't forget about The Sampler Girl's blog either!)  After you scroll through the luscious projects Primitive Betty currently has going, focus in on her sideboard to the left!  Click on that photo to view her free stitching charts and be prepared to be amazed!   I can't find many that I would NOT want to do!  Her "Valentine freebie" has currently taken up residence on a shelf next to our bed!   LOVE it!  

Note that this Good Will frame has the paint treatment on it from this tutorial over at the The Pickled Pepper Patch blog.   Another favorite blog with tutorials that I'll use over and over again!   Again, I know -- the picture IS nasty, but I wanted you to get the idea -- not to mention I'm almost late for church!  

Why take the time for such projects you ask?  I don't know -- I've always loved the looks of stitched pictures for some reason.  As a child, we had four pictures -- one tree showing each different season.  Very cool!  I guess these projects display that handmade touch -- the time and the pride poured into each stitch.  The samplers of long ago maybe?  To be honest, I never thought anyone noticed them much around the house... until just a couple weeks ago.  Youngest Son was preaching for the teenagers at our church.   Within his scripture references, Bible principles and personal illustrations he used this quote "The smallest deed is better than the grandest intention."   He'd been starring at that in our front bathroom back in Melbourne, Florida for years.  Guess somewhere along the line it grabbed his attention and stuck!  If he thinks about it and begins to incorporate that principle into his life, that'll make all those "stitches" well worth my time!   Don't you think?  


  1. I really like the frame treatment for the Valentine cross stitch! I have a frame that would look great with that.

    1. Jump on over to Pickled Pepper Patch with the link I left for the tutorial. It's VERY easy -- even begins with a first coat of black SPRAY paint! I used the 99 cent Walmart brand. What takes the longest is for the final coat of stain to dry. I love love love it!!!!!