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Cooking Demonstration: Kitty's Orange Cake -- 8th Floor Housewares

Loving to read as I do -- and not always having the time -- am enjoying a new found freedom here in Phoenix that allows me more time to dabble in my passion.  I've recently picked up a book written by Joanne Fluke called Key Lime Pie Murder -- the 9th book in her Hannah Swensen Mystery series.   

It resembles closely a Murder She Wrote mystery (one of my favorite television programs).   Hannah owns a shop in Lake Eden, Minnesota -- The Cookie Jar.  What more needs to be said?   An interesting quirk to Fluke's series are the recipes included at the end of some chapters.  Typically Hannah has made up said recipe somewhere throughout that chapter.  Not all are recipes for cookies -- she has a killer breakfast casserole in there that I tried, along with my first stab at popovers.  The casserole was amazing; my second try with the popovers was better than the first!  I noticed the recipe for Kitty's Orange Cake and wanted to try making that today.    

Seriously -- take a look at a couple of the main ingredients!   Who wouldn't want to make a cake out of those!  Rather than type out the recipe for you I ran over to wegottaeat.com  and copied / pasted it here for you.   
1 box yellow cake mix
One package 3 ounces orange Jello (NOT sugar free)
1 cup orange juice
1 tsp. orange extract
1/2 cup vegetable oil
1 tsp. orange zest
4 large eggs
1 cup (6 oz. pkg) mini chocolate morsels*
2 Tbs. chilled butter
1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 tsp. orange extract
2 Tbs. orange juice
1. Grease and flour a Bundt pan.  
2. Dump the cake mix in a large mixing bowl.  Mix in orange Jello powder.  Add the orange juice, orange extract, oil and orange zest.  Mix all ingredients together until they are well blended.
3. Add eggs one at a time, mixing after each addition.  Beat 2 minutes on medium speed with electric mixer.  Fold in the mini chocolate chips by hand.  Pour the cake batter into the pan and bake for 45 to 55 minutes at 350.

4. Cool on a rack for 20 to 25 minutes.  Loosen the outside edges and middle and tip the cake out of the pan.  Let the cake cool completely on the rack. 
5. Make frosting by putting butter in the bottom of a 2 cup microwave safe bowl.  Add the chocolate chips; heat on HIGH for 60 seconds.

Stir to see if the chips are melted; repeat at 15 second intervals if they aren't.  
6. Add the orange extract and stir in; add the orange juice, tablespoon by tablespoon, stirring after each addition.
7. Pour frosting over the ridge of the cake, letting it run down the sides.  It will be thicker on top.  That's okay.  And if it's not, that's fine too. 

NOTE: *Don't even think of substituting regular chocolate chips for the mini-chips.  Doing so will cause the chips to sink to the bottom of the cake and you'll have a dickens of a time getting the cake out of the pan.

Being that I am who I am I followed the recipe pretty closely.   This is what happens when you give a "lick and a promise" to the "grease and flour a bundt pan" step -- a couple ugly spots on the top when I took it out of the pan after baking and cooling.  

At this stage of the game I did something ELSE that I typically do -- and that's reading a recipe and NOT paying attention to what I've read!   You'll notice that the instructions say to melt the butter and chocolate chips in the microwave!   And then you'll notice that I did NOT --  I did that step on the stove top.  Can't tell you if it made a difference or not, but it seemed to work out okay in spite of my error!  

My finished product!   Though I could have taken more time to make sure the frosting job was nicer -- more even all around -- it did manage to cover up my mistakes in the cake top itself.  

Let me tell you -- the frosting smells amazing!   It reminds me of one of those chocolate oranges that you can get around the holidays -- the chocolate that comes in the form of an orange.  Know the ones I mean?

Well, after another amazing dinner prepared by Daughter, we cut into that cake!  It was different than I had imagined -- the frosting was NOT overpowering at all.   Think maybe the orange juice cut the heavy chocolate taste some.  Very nice -- not light but very nice.  

Let me recommend both books and baking recipes to you!   I have thoroughly enjoyed them myself.   Am onto book #2 -- though am reading the series totally out of sequence.   Another thing I'm prone to do!   

Stop by your local library and check out one of Fluke's books -- if you are a Murder She Wrote lover like I am, these are sure to please!  Then take a moment and drop by my desk at Customer Service.  Let me know what you have baked up!   Happy reading AND happy baking!  

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  1. Ok, my mouth was watering. Looks wonderful and NOT on my New Year's diet!