Sunday, January 8, 2012

Decorations that scream Fall? Find what you need on the 7th floor...

It's the weekend;  Youngest Son got on the airplane Friday and headed for Knoxville.   He's already back at college, totally unpacked and set up in his dorm room once again.  Has seen Girlfriend again and hooked up with his friends.   Put in 5 hours as a "sandwich artist" and was headed off to the Russian church this afternoon.  It'll be as much as four months until we see him again, and I'll hear his voice on his answering machine more than I'd like to, but I'm happy to know he's where God wants him to be.  When I get homesick for him, I will look at this...

Graduation picture.  Sigh...   All that said, I didn't feel much like sewing this weekend!  

When I first started this blog my sister Kelly (if you haven't already you simply MUST take some time and skip over to her blog -- you won't believe what can be done with a couple of old t-shirts!)  and I talked about posting content.   I laughed because I didn't think that would be a problem for me!   Remember my fabric stash?  There is another pile right next to it -- very similar in size!   This second consists of all kinds of unfinished projects!   Doesn't speak to highly of my short attention span, does it?

Enter this little FALL project!   Yes, you read that right!  Char over at The Pickled Pepper Patch posted this fall project back August 3, 2009.   These cute sunflowers are probably displayed best when the air is turning crisp, the smell of cinnamon is every where, and the wonderful colors of rust, mustard yellow and Christmas tree green are beginning to pop up all over our homes!    I realize that  we are right in the middle of the winter months,  and that spring seems an eternity away, let alone the fall season!  But you have to check this out!  is the link for the entire tutorial.  

I grabbed my supplies and worked on this project some when we first got to Phoenix.  Because of a lackof proper planning I caught a snag when I got to the last step!   NO green homespun in the bag that contained the rest of the supplies!  Result -- entire UNFINISHED project went right back to the pile!   Then last week, as Fashion Coordinator Daughter and I were choosing fabrics for the book bag (see earlier post because it really did turn out cute!) I found the perfect piece of green!   I grabbed my rusty bed spring sunflowers and went to town!    

Here's the end product!

Mine are not quite as dark as Char's -- I didn't use quite as much of the coffee stain, and I didn't add any  cinnamon in the mixture.   Am very pleased with the way they turned out though!  Just looking at them makes me smell my favorite Apple Cinnamon candle burning somewhere!  

If you are wondering about the rusty bed springs, have no fear!   Though I can't remember where I originally bought mine, I just googled "rusty bed springs -- etsy" and had several choices right at my fingertips!   Don't let that supply list item scare you off from trying this easy project!  

Check out the other projects listed on Char's blog when you have several minutes!   I know I've book marked more than one from there!    I've already used the basis for this make-over project several times -- the paint technique that is.   It turned a plain wooden bowl found at Good Will  into a fantastic show piece!    Tried the paint treatment, threw in some jingle bells and covered them with the ornies I got from this site -- the patterns for which were FREE!    Gotta love free!  

See what you can create from either The Pickled Pepper Patch or from Annies Cupboards that fits your personality and decorating style just perfect!   If you are lucky, you won't have to wait until fall to admire your finished projects!   But when you are done, be sure to stop back by the Customer Service Desk and let us know what you created!  

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  1. These turned out really cute! I found an old bedspring in the woods by our house--will have to go 'harvest' some springs. What do you think about making spring flowers??? I'm going to have to try this!