Saturday, February 18, 2012

Unsure of store hours? Allow me to explain....

Have you stopped by the store lately only to see the lights off and the place looking empty?  Well.... there's a perfectly good explanation for that!  The lights have been off and the place has been empty!  Not really!!  Allow me to give you a picture explanation of my life over the last month....

Grabbed a ziplock project bag from the stash and finished up / made these...

Worked mostly from memory on these, using techniques I'd seen before.  How's that for vague?   I did look around though, and found tutorials for two different zippered pouches (here and here) over at Skip To My Lou's blog.   I added an extra step at the end too -- boxing the corners so that the pouches would be able to stand up by themselves if needed.  Just think it gives the look that extra "I cared enough to do my very best" look.

Wished I had seen this one first though -- love it even more than the ones I made.  
That extra punch that the pleats give...  So cute!  

After I crossed another "finished" project off my list, but before I could grab another to do, I found myself in desperate need of  this:  

I swear, the older I get the easier I get sick!  
Think the guy over on the next block had a case of the sniffles and I caught it!   
Praise the Lord, was able to get that under control in time to head out on an unexpected vacation here..

We spent two days with Oldest Son and his family.   
Daughter-in-law's family lives in LA, and 
we were able to drive over to spend some time 
with everyone.  
Highlights included:  

You gotta see this place!  
There was fabric and trim and thread everywhere!   It was amazing.   
A fabric hoarder's dream come true.  
After that, we were treated to lunch here:  

Totally on my bucket list!   
Guess what I had!  
Yep... a plain ole' hot dog with ketchup, mustard, 
chopped onions and relish --- onion rings on the side!  Worth every single calorie for sure!

Saw this from a distance

Which was also on my bucket list... 
Los Angeles -- what a place! 
And I'd do it again in a minute to spend just one second with these cuties....

In the midst of all of the above, Husband and I received job offer letters from this place!

We leave a week from Sunday for two weeks of training in Dallas.  We are very excited about this opportunity -- been a long time since I was active in the work force so will be a huge change for me.  Husband will slide right into his new responsibilities easily so am hoping to ride along on his coat tails!

Needless to say, that's why you've seen this whenever you've come to 33rd and Broadway recently! 

 We are heading into another crazy month, what with being gone 
to Dallas for two weeks, then having a week to move to our 
new location / job.  Wish us luck -- and I'll do my best to have 
SOMETHING fun and exciting 
on the shelves should you find time to stop by!  
If you want, I'll show you my menu from Pink's too!  


  1. I hope one of the makeup bags are mine! Hint, hint!

    1. Aren't they totally cute! Will get on that order as soon as we get ourselves settled in! XXOO