Tuesday, February 21, 2012

FAQ at Customer Service: Connection between Ziplock baggies and future projects?

GREAT question!   You will often hear me talking about grabbing another "ziplock project bag" after I've finished with something else.  What constitutes a "ziplock project bag" you ask?  Allow me to explain the method to my madness!  

I was constantly having to look through buckets trying to find the fabric that matched the pattern that matched the zipper that matched the thread that matched the trim...  Guess you get the idea!   So I jumped in with both feet -- brought every single bucket into the living room that contained anything ever purchased at JoAnn Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, Walmart or wherever.   Emptied them all and started to brain storm....  

There had to be a way of getting things in order so I could see what I had to work with.  

First came the initial screening process:  fabric I'd bought "just because I loved it" and fabric I bought "with a specific purpose in mind."   It was easy to organize that pile that had no specific project assigned to it.  Then came the stash that had fabric, buttons, zippers, and any other miscellaneous supplies with it.  How to keep all of that separate?   I'd already taken the time to amass the appropriate thread color, the designated number of buttons needed, and the proper length zipper -- not mention that 3 yards of eyelet lace that was called for during step #26 of the pattern!   It was all there -- but how to KEEP it all there and together -- and not break the bank?


Each project was put into it's own gallon size ziplock bag -- along with any and all supplies needed to finish that project.  And then the ziplock bags were arranged neatly inside the plastic storage buckets.  A perfect solution to my problem -- one that has worked out great for me!  

I love organization -- but not as much as Fashion Coordinator Daughter does!  She was born with the specific "organizational" gene, which she must have inherited from my sister Amy.  Again I ask the question -- where was she when that bill for Daughter's braces was due?   Anyways...  With the new position we are taking at 

we will be moving into a one bedroom apartment at the property we are assigned to -- for the time being, until we work hard enough to get promoted.  (At which time we will get a two bedroom apartment -- to much information?)   I'm totally ready for that -- can fulfill my job requirements, clean the bathroom and have plenty of time for my sewing / craft projects.

The flip side is that I'll be living in a one bedroom apartment!  That's going to take some mad organizational skills.   Have been secretly spying out Daughter's "Organizational Fabulousness" board on Pinterest for some ideas.   Check these out...

Love this idea for towels -- or maybe a robe?  

Who wouldn't mind doing laundry in surroundings such as these?  

And here are a couple I've pinned in hopes of having a craft room all to myself some day...

This was made from a recycled oatmeal container -- how cute is that?  

So.. not much in the way of "finished" projects to share with you today.  But I did want to explain my made up term of "ziplock project bag" and share my idea for using this product to get my fabric / craft stash organized.  Use it if you think it will be a help...  We're happy to help here at the Customer Service Desk and ALWAYS look forward to any and all suggestions you might have!  


  1. Ok, come and organize my sewing room now! Please. :-)

    1. I'd love to -- but will wait until the white stuff is all gone! Call me a coward but I've not owned snow boots in many a year!