Friday, January 20, 2012

Attention boys and girls! Buzz & Woody pillows available! Young World Department on the 2nd floor!

Remember the Pinterest challenge I made for myself -- using one of my pinned ideas per week?  That's where we find ourselves today.  I want to try and make one of these 

Out of this fabric found at the SAS Fabric Super Store  

Commercial break here:  Fashion Consultant Daughter and I discovered this AMAZING place -- SAS Fabrics Super Store --  right here in Phoenix.   Fabric for our body pillow was purchased for around $7.00 for the piece you see here.  They had several other choices but Sawyer is definitely a Toy Story man!  When you visit SAS, be prepared to spend some time and you must be ready to DIG!  SAS Fabrics Super Store -- a must see if you are a seamstress and live in the Phoenix area!

We now return you to our regularly scheduled program!   

Remember this is me with the "no pattern" phobia!  Well, I'm fixin' to try and make this little project from the picture.  If you aren't as adventuresome as I am, check out Great Little Trading Company.  They offer "ready beds"  here on their website.   

The hoarder in me didn't want any unnecessary expenditures on this project.  That said, asked Fashion Coordinator Daughter to raid her bedding stash.  She was able to come up with 3 extra pillows.  I decided to run the pillows long ways instead of how they appear in the store bought version.  With that in mind, the fabric needed to be cut down into a narrower strip.  After measuring  a current pillow case I decided on the width measurement of 42 inches.   It took a little positioning to capture as much of the Woody and Buzz picture as possible.   After sewing the main long seam, here's what I ended up with -- a tube of fabric with a seam down the middle of the back.  

I then sewed across one end of the "tube" of fabric, closing it off.   

Pillow #1 was inserted at the top, followed by a row of stitching.  Pillow #2 inserted -- row of stitching.  Pillow #3 was last and then I closed up the end with... you guessed it -- a row of stitching!    VERY simple really -- and Sawyer and I loved the end result!  

All three pillows are completely enclosed.   The fabric and the pillows are all machine washable.   I suppose you could put zippers in each "compartment" though, allowing you to remove them as they needed washing.  Just a thought!  

My model was distracted here -- by Toy Story 3!  

Another satisfied customer!  

And if you've not had enough of my luscious grandkids... here's two more! 

Please stop by Customer Service and let me know if you see a Buzz Lightyear body pillow in your future!  


  1. I saw these on Pinterest and thought 'how fun!' I love the Buzz and Woody fabric--can't wait for a visit to see you and check out that store.

  2. I love the body pillow. I am going to use this ideal for Memphis's sleeping pad for when he starts school in the fall. It looks like it will fold up nicely. Love it!!!!!! The kids are sure getting big!